Thieves shoot surveillance camera, still caught stealing video truck from JeffCo

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colorado – Tuesday was one of the worst days for Camden Dunkle and his family.

“I woke up around 1:30 am this morning and haven’t slept since,” said Dunkle. “We are a big family of trucks, we have always had trucks.”

On Monday evening, his red GMC Sierra 2500HD was stolen from the Jefferson County family suburban driveway.


In a surveillance video, two hooded men can be seen coming next to the truck. Then, a projector is activated by a motion sensor. One of the thieves approaches the light and tears it apart, deactivating this camera. Fortunately, the Dunkles had another camera above.

“He got his boyfriend, he got a lever or something to put him in the door blocker and open it,” said Dunkle. “Accompanied by my truck, they got on the passenger side, entered and took off.”

Dunkle is a big gear and has spent hours working on his truck. He also invested thousands of dollars in his personalization. It is lifted 4 inches with 35 inch tires and offset rims. It has Colorado 586-XYR plates.

“Unfortunate that someone came to steal something I worked on very, very hard to make it like this,” said Dunkle. “And stealing it within two minutes is incredible.”

Anyone who recognizes the suspects or sees the truck is invited to leave an anonymous tip to our Metro Denver Crime Stoppers partners at: 720-913-7867.

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